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EVC can create custom on-line evaluation surveys for you that will make it easier and simple for your attendees to provide you with feedback.

As an event planner, you benefit from knowing what the attendees really thought of your event, as it allows up to ensure that your next event or conference will be a huge success, drive up attendance, give attendees what they really want, and ensure that any 'problem areas" are not repeated.

Click on the following demo to see a sample of an evaluation.

Incentive Trip Survey

Seminar Survey


What our clients think of our on-line evaluation surveys.

"More than half of our attendees responded to our on-line survey, which is 60% more than using the mail-in method"

"It's great having the convenience of on-line surveys, everything is contained on-line, the evaluation form never goes 'missing' and the data is all stored on-line, to download and update whenever we need it"

"Was a much more effective way of collecting data"

"Our attendees responded better than giving them the survey to take home, it was waiting for them in their e-mail when they got back from the conference, and was simple, quick and easy to complete and submit"

"It's great having all the survey data in one place, so we can summarize the material easier"


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