Recruiting Security Experts Worldwide!!

Join the Symantec Cyber Readiness Challenge!! An interactive competition taking place online and at live events around the world where IT security experts will have the chance to test their skills and knowledge in exciting scenarios inspired by real-life security issues.

The competition will take the form of a 'capture the flag' style cyber attack simulation, with players competing against each other to solve IT security problems. Players have the opportunity to win prizes and gain points PLUS the best players from the worldwide events will take part in the Cyber Readiness Championship!

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It was great, it's always fun to really test your skills, and see how good you are ... to get out to an event like this with people just like you, put it all together -- it's a really good time. - Dallas Attendee

[The challenge] pretty well represented an enterprise corporate network from the different ones that I have seen so a lot of the threats that I would expect to be there, were there. - Dallas Attendee


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